2021 Here We Come!!!

I think we are all about ready to turn the page on 2020, am I right?  It has been a rollercoaster of a year.  Personally, we have not suffered the way so many have.  We kept our health, our jobs, our home... but I understand this has not been the reality for so many around me, and it is not lost upon me.  But I recognize that everyone's struggles have been different, and we, like all of you, have had our share too.  Both my husband and I transitioned to working from home, which significantly changed the nature of my job and put him in uncharted waters for his job.  We did this with three daughters at home too, all of which were at different life stages: one an infant, one in preschool and another in elementary school.  We saw our mothers be on their own for extended periods of time, missing out on cherished time with their grandkids.  Our daughters were resilient but not unphased by all of these changes thrust upon them, and it pained me to see them struggle while feeling like I had so little to offer them except giving them more of us. 

The mom guilt experienced in trying to make sure each was well cared for, engaged, being educated, entertained, cleaned, fed and hopefully not arguing with one another was real.... I had moments of struggle, overwhelming emotions and sadness for some of the experiences they were missing out on.  But in the same breadth I experienced emotions of overwhelming joy too, keeping me holding onto those silver lining offerings Covid brought.  We spent more time together than we likely will ever have again.  We made meals together, baked bread, took long bike rides, played boardgames, made a "mommy school" in our office, did puzzles, chalked.... you name it, we tried it!  And those moments are priceless to me.  I recognized different personality traits in my girls that I might not have seen before. We spent more time with our baby than work would have afforded us before she had to go to daycare. My husband and I have learned to work as a true team in order to keep the ship afloat. So despite the struggles that Covid brought us, I am choosing to hang on to these happy memories. 

So now as we gear up to turn the page, I encourage you to think about what Covid has changed in you, for better or worse.  How will you record this chapter of your life?  

As 2021 comes upon us in a few days, I am trying to find fun, at home ways to celebrate with our kids. Traditions this year will look different than the past, but maybe we will find some new ideas to keep.  One I love from the blog post below is the 12 balloon countdown clock.  I mean, what kids don't love popping balloons?  Noise makers are a must for us and can be made with basically anything around the house.  Grab a water bottle and some beads or pasta and you're in business! Would love to hear how you all choose to ring in the new year.  Share your ideas with us!

Happy 2021, All!



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