Christmas Countdown

We are just over two weeks away from Christmas.

This is a perfect time to start a countdown with your little ones! So many options exist so find one that is right for your child’s age.  I’ve done the simple paper links to advent calendars to sharing a new Christmas story of old each time we change a wall hanging countdown. My kids love hearing stories of their past Christmases, traditions we used to do as a family when I was young, my favorite Christmas morning memories and more.  

What have you done? 

Even with my kids getting older, they still always want to do a paper chain countdown. 

This is an easy one for busy parents and appropriate for all ages.

When your kids are really young you can cut the strips (or buy pre-cut ones at a craft store- no judgement here!) and have the kids tape the loop closed, or just hang the chain. As they get older they can work on their fine motor skills by cutting the strips themselves. And nowadays I have my kids determine the paper theme or pattern they want to use and they use my paper cutter to make the cuts (all while feeling so grown up that they can use mom’s scrapbooking tools).  This activity always reminds me that the anticipation of Christmas is so much more powerful than the actual day itself in many ways. Cherish these times!

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