Easter Activities

Sweet, sweet, Easter....so fun, all the sweets!

Year after year we obsess over chocolate bunnies, peeps, Cadbury creme egg, and a personal favorite, Reese's peanut butter eggs.

But really, Easter is more fun than that!

Throughout the years, and specially after becoming a mom 8 years ago, I've learned and shared so many beautiful traditions. 

However, what I love most about Holidays is the fact that we can celebrate them for days or weeks leading up to it. From decorating to playing games, arranging baskets, the hype leading up to it is just as rewarding. 

Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Decorating the house. Nothing gets you in the spirit like surrounding yourself with homemade decorations
    • Popsicle sticks basket

    • Bunny cutouts with cotton ball tails

    • Paper Eggs

  • Fun with Eggs
    • Paint or Dye - sometimes we like to use plastic eggs if we are short on time and don't feel like hard boiling a batch :-)
    • I like to buy the dye kits and the plastic eggs at Walmart. It really makes like easier and the experience is just as great!

  • Egg Hunt
    • This part is so much fun! Something about the kids running around excited with their Easter baskets finding the eggs with all the goodies inside. Makes me want to be a kid again!

  • Face Painting - Is it just me that enjoys this so much?

  • Easter Brunch
    • Eating a meal together at the table is the ultimate family bonding time in our home. Holidays really force us to stop and make the time to do this. If you are far from other family members that you usually spend the Holidays with, make the effort to Zoom them in. Make them a part of your Easter brunch. It truly is the next best thing.



Where ever you are and what ever it is you are doing for Easter, do it with love and happiness. 




Elsa & Sheila


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