Free (Really!) Virtual Interactive Camp

What type of parent are you? Yes, it's a complicated question and it will have a complicated answer.

I am the type of parent that wants to be there for their kids all day. With that said, I get tired/distracted, I am not that creative in entertaining them, patient (most of the time), loving (always), too busy working to be fully immersed in kid's activities, and my complicated list goes on and on. 

When my husband and I decided not to send our kids to camp this summer due to COVID-19, I was left to come up with ways to keep them growing and learning. I was pleasantly surprised when a friend sent me a link to Camp Kinda, a FREE virtual camp with a weekly curriculum. They send you the list of materials you will need and you can go at your own, flexible pace. Additionally, they provide a weekly family activity you can do together that ties into the theme of that week.

What I'm loving about Camp Kinda:

  • Well, its Free, but so much more,
  • Unique, interesting topics,
  • Not just screen time but actual activities with materials,
  • Flexibility to go at your own pace
  • Full or limited parent involvement
  • Optional family activities that tie in with the theme of the week
  • Available in English and Spanish

Be sure to check them out: Camp Kinda

I'd love to hear what you think! My goal is to provide you with invaluable resources that enhance your life and reduce your stress. 

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