How Do You Win as a Mom

A general rule in life is to focus on the positive.

As a mom, no matter what happens, I tend to blame me. My daughter is mean to me, I blame me. My son cries too much, I blame me. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Taking the blame for things you shouldn't?

Why do we torture ourselves? We are definitely not perfect, but we are doing perfectly well. 

Let's start focusing on our wins rather than our imperfections. If we focus on the positives, we set ourselves up for success rather than failure.

So how do we win?

We win when our child tells us "I love you."

We win when our child shows kindness.

We win when our child plays and laughs.

We win when our child offers to help.

We win when our child says "thank you."

We win when our house is messy because our kids were busy making memories.

We win when we wake up grateful for another day.

We win when we take time for self-care. Hiding in the closet to breathe for 5 minutes counts.

We win when we all make it to the dinner table to sit together, even if all we could put together were some chicken nuggets with a side of carrots.

We win when we get the kids safely to school, even if we're a couple of minutes late.

We win when the day is over and we still have hope that the next day will be that much better

We win when we remember to call grandma for a quick hello. Even if it's been two weeks.

Don't underestimate the little things we do that make a big difference. Our kids see us stressed, always rushing, with messy hair and sweats, but they also see us excited to pick them up for school, reading them their favorite book before bed, coloring with them, working, and making sure they always have a meal. 

Think about the wins throughout the day and you may realize that your wins are bigger and more impactful t than all the ways we think you're not.

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