Super Bowl Sunday

 Who is ready for Super Bowl Sunday? 

This Sunday is going to look much different than the usual Super Bowl get together where we squeeze into someone's home, crowd over the appetizers and snacks, while placing bets on the first commercial and the games final score.

This year, we're going to start a new tradition where our kids get more involved in the excitement. Rather than just waiting to have a dance off during the half-time show, we'll keep them tuned in another way...

So, we thought it may be fun to play a special game of BINGO so everyone can be entertained, engaged, and involved in some friendly competition.

Maybe have a trophy handy for the Super Bowl Bingo Champion or even a medal would be fun! 

Feel free to use our printable BINGO cards during the game and the commercials:

Free Printable Kids Super Bowl BINGO Cards

When playing the game, choose whether the winner must fill up one straight line or if they need to fill the entire board.

Find the items on the card during commercials, game, and/or halftime show.

Make sure to place an object on top of each space or use a stamp or marker to check it off.

Most important game rule: HAVE FUN!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


Xo, Elsa & Sheila

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