What You Feed Will Grow

As a mom, the words feeding and growing are very literal. Feed your kids so they can grow strong, right? We worry so much about what they are eating, when they are eating, how they are eating, ARE THEY EATING... phew, that's a lot of worries.

But that's not the main topic here, although I won't ignore the importance of feeding our children :o) - what I really mean is that we always question if what we are doing and if the decisions we are making are the right ones when it comes to raising our children. We constantly question our techniques, the advice of others, and our initial reactions. 

What would happen if, instead, we focus on the things we do know.

If we feed our children love, they will grow loved and love in return.

If we feed them wisdom, they will be wiser.

If we feed them independence and responsibility, they will grow up to be confident and responsible.

If we feed them hope, they will grow optimistic.

If we feed them patience, they will grow virtue.

So, yes, feed them carrots and broccoli for their health, and chocolate for their souls. But just as important, feed them what you want to grow!


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